Did you know that in today’s marketplace effective email marketing can be the difference between business success and failure?

And while email marketing is still the most appropriate place to make offers and share your awesome content…

… writing quality emails to your list can be down right difficult.

Furthermore, if you don’t know how to formulate your emails in a way that your readers will find appealing…

… you run the risk of annoying them to the point they unsubscribe from your list.

You wouldn’t want that, would you?

That’s why knowing how to write the perfect email to your email subscriber list is critical.

If you want to promote offers to your email list without coming across as a desperate, pitchy, marketer…

… this article will show you how in 7 simple steps.

As you keep reading this article you will discover how easy it can be to:

  1. Write great emails that captivate your readers
  2. Convert those readers into buyers

That is why you found this article, isn’t it?

Now that you’re ready to see how to write the perfect email, let’s dive in!


7 Steps To Write The Perfect Email 

Okay, so there’s not necessarily a “perfect” email to send to your email list.

However, there is a “perfect formula” you can use to write great emails to your list that will convert.

I’ll go into more detail here in a sec but first, here’s the formula…

  • Write the Subject Line (Direct or Blind)
  • Write a “greased chute” Opening
  • Write Body Copy (Direct or Blind?)
  • Write a CTA Command


  • Insert an Image
  • Write a “Drill Down” P.S.
  • Add and Ad

So now that you know the formula for how to write the perfect email, let’s move on to the specifics.


1.) Direct or Blind Subject Line

Learning how to write the perfect email to your list is one part Art and one part Science.

That said, it all starts with the email subject line.

I’ll get to the two different types of email subject lines in a second…

… but first it’s important that you know how crucial a good email subject line is.

One could argue that the email subject line is THE most important aspect of your email.

After all, if your reader chooses not to open your email due to a poor subject line…

… they’ll miss out on the awesome content or offer contained within your email.

write the perfect email

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Let’s dive into the two different types of email subject lines:

  1. Direct subject lines
  2. Blind subject lines

A direct subject line will tell you exactly what will be in the email if you open it up.

On the other hand, a blind subject line is more of a curiosity driven subject line.

It makes the person wonder what’s inside.

  • Blind Subject Line Example:  “This is embarrassing but…”
  • Direct Subject Line Example:  “7 Tips To Get Dirt Cheap Leads From Facebook”

See the difference?

The first question to ask yourself is…

Should I use a direct subject line or a blind subject line?

The answer is… you should mix it up.

If you want to write the perfect email…

… don’t always send direct and don’t always send blind (and err on the side of writing more direct subject lines).

More people will open with a blind subject line, but more people will click through on direct subject lines.

The flip side is, less people will open direct subject lines.

However, of the people who open up the direct subject line email…

… more of those people will click through to your CTA within the body of the email.

So it boils down to this: do you want a higher Open Rate or a higher Click Through Rate?

Blind subject lines tend to get higher Open Rates, while direct subject lines get higher Click Through Rates.

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2.) Write A “Greased Chute” Opening 

The 2nd step you’ll need to write the perfect email is a “greased chute” opening.

What I mean by write a “greased chute” opening is this…

You want your readers to be able to slide right into your email without any friction.

Therefore, the opening line of your email is the most important line of your email.


Because this is your opportunity to hook your reader.

One could argue the opening line is as important to your email as your subject line.

Here’s a great example of an opening line that hooks the reader and gets them to keep reading the email.

“I’m so excited about this utter and complete failure…” 

This is a pattern interrupt that makes the reader curious.

Why would the author become excited about a failure?

Or how about this opening sentence…

“You and I are not that different…”

Your reader will want to know how the two of you are not that different and as a result keep reading to get the answer.

Remember, your goal is to pull your readers into your emails fast.

So be sure to spend enough time on your opening sentence to give it the necessary “teeth” to hook your reader right away.


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write the perfect email


3.) Decide If The Body Copy Is Blind Or Direct

Similar to your email subject line, you can have both blind or direct body copy.

Again, if you want to write the perfect email you’ll want to mix it up.

For example, if the subject line was direct its hard to be blind in the body copy. 

How blind can your body copy be if your subject line is…

“7 dirt cheap ways to generate leads from Facebook”

You’ve already told them in the email subject line what the email is about.

When you write blind body copy you’ll get more clicks (because people will be curious)…

… but you’ll likely get a lower conversion rate on the landing page or the piece of content to which you’ve sent your readers. 

With blind body copy, once you finally reveal what your talking about a lot of people will no longer be interested and hit the back button. 

However, this is the nature of email marketing and it’s to be expected.

Remember, you can’t always run with blind body copy because you will frustrate your email subscribers. 

Simply put, there’s a good chance they’ll become annoyed and mark your emails as spam. 

If you want to write the perfect email that promotes an offer AND maintains good will with your email list…

… don’t overdue blind body copy.

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4.) CTA Command

Your CTA (Call To Action) is vital if you want your email subscribers to take the next step in the process.

At the end of every post you give a very clear command about what you want them to do next. 

Here are two different examples of a typical CTA:

  • “CLICK HERE to find out how…”
  • “GO HERE NOW to read today’s blog post”

In addition to a text CTA at the end of your email, you can also sprinkle in CTA’s in different forms throughout the email.

Using a button CTA is a great way to attract your readers eye to your Call To Action.